BREAKING: #Ferguson @ShaunKing: City Council confirms Darren Wilson is still being paid and will continue to be paid indefinitely.




  • Stephen Colbert: And I'm mad! I'm mad that Obama is delaying immigration reform because he stole that idea from the Republicans. They've had the idea of putting off doing something about immigration reform for over a decade!
  • 2013 John McCain: The point is that what we need to do- move forward with immigration reform.
  • 2012 John Boehner: We've got to do a comprehensive immigration reform plan.
  • 2011 Eric Canter: We've got some plans to unveil some changes to the legal immigration system in this country.
  • 2010 Leslie Graham: We're gonna release a document soon about our way forward on immigration.
  • 2009 Mitch McConnell: We're open to looking at immigration reform.
  • 2008 John McCain: Immigration reform will be my top priority because we have the obligation to address a federal issue from a federal standpoint.
  • 2007 President Bush: Let us have a serious, civil, and conclusive debate so that you can pass and I can sign comprehensive immigration reform into law.
  • 2006 President Bush: The debate over immigration reform has reached a time of decision.
  • 2005 President Bush: We must pass comprehensive immigration reform.
  • 2004 President Bush: Immigration reform is a very important agenda item.