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 I am blood of the dragon, she told herself. I am Daenerys Stormborn, Princess of Dragonstone, of the blood and seed of Aegon the Conqueror.


I’m pretty pleased with the 12th doctor

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Dating Tip


On your 3rd or 4th date show up in your Akatsuki cosplay without any explanation. This shows that you are mysterious, unpredictable, and a missing S-rank shinobi. 


Lol my dad is still amazed white people eat kimchi, tacos, and sushi now. He lived in LA since the 80’s and white people made fun of his smelly lunches and thought Mexican food and raw fish were dirty.

Like, white people are trying to make profit off kimchi now when it’s a free fucking side dish at all Korean restaurants.


Am i a womfn? Am i a womfn?

It’s because the impact of Sasuke’s sudden appearance and his declaration to become Hokage are much too great.

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